Start-up success is attributed to pre-start-up planning. Business plans are developed to gauge the feasibility of ideas and form basis for pitching to secure funding and or partners. Reading, understanding the detailed document and relating the frameworks could be cumbersome and take long time. There is no one – two page illustration of a start-up’s strategy, plan and financial implications that can be used universally.

A ‘start-up frame’ is constructed to model a startup taking a logical sequential flow connecting value drivers on economic, operational and strategic levels of the start-up assisted through a work-guide book. Frame benefits from considerations of the design thinking, value dynamics, the business canvas and numerous important strategy and finance frameworks. This frame was presented at well-known international strategy conference and tested by hosting at a leading strategy models website, i.e.

A detailed look at start-up from ideation to financial returns analysis in a sequential format is provided. The website will provide assistance to entrepreneurs to develop their plans in comparatively less time with more dependability and efficiency. It will help develop business plans and feasibility in simplistic manner.

Please use the work-guidebook in parallel to the frame and provide information in the “Context, Strategy and Financial Impact” on the website to build the startup model which is automatically developed when you click ‘Frame Summary’ after providing all the necessary information.


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